The Winter That Wouldn’t Quit

After a brutal winter that just wouldn’t give up, Spring is finally here! We normally reassemble our float and ramp in early March, but this year our float was welded by ice to the shore where it is stored for the winter until early April. Spring is normally a very busy time. The hatchery is going full blast and we have finally started shipping beautiful seed, almost 3,000 OysterGro™ cages need to be pulled up from the bottom and re-floated, oysters need to be thinned, hundreds of new cages from Ketchum Supply need to be deployed, and of course JP’s Shellfish is hungry for our Pemaquids and Wileys, so we are packing and shipping as fast as we can! The winter that wouldn’t quit just squeezed all of this work into less time, and of course we didn’t come through totally unscathed. We did pretty well, but there are cages to repair from all of that ice. That’s farming!!!