Our Oysters

Moondancers, Mookie Blues, Pemaquid Points, Wiley Points, and Wiley Petites

Location: Damariscotta River, Maine
Salt Range: 27-30 ppt
Species: Crassostrea virginica (Eastern Oyster)
Grow Out Method: Farm-raised in surface cages

Taste Profile:  Our oysters start with a big briny kiss and finish with a sweet glow

Beer Pairing: Exceptionally well-paired with a crisp pale ale or IPA, something dry and hoppy

Wine Pairing: Our oysters pair well with either a Chablis or a Muscadet

Cocktail Pairing: Bill thinks our oysters are pretty damn good with a dry Hendricks gin martini with olives


We ship only the freshest live oysters to our customers so they can enjoy the savory sweetness for themselves.
Mook Sea Farms sells oysters in three different sizes. Our biggest oysters range from 3.5  to over 4 inches. Our next size range from 3 to 3.5 inches, and our smallest cocktail oysters fall just under three inches. All oysters are cultured the same way, utilizing the same gear, and all are available year-round, coming directly from the Damariscotta River.  We have a dedicated crew that works hard year-round ensuring the oysters on your plate are the best Maine has to offer!


Oyster Market

A young oyster lover checking out
Moondancers at Whole Foods

Maine Lobster Now - Portland Maine

BP’s Shuck Shack – Portland, ME (Food Cart)

Chauncy Creek, Kittery, ME

Fulton Market – Chicago, IL

JP’s Shellfish – Eliot, ME

The Boathouse, Disney – Orlando FL

The Lobster Place, New York, NY

The Maine Oyster Company – Portland, ME

The Shuck Station -Damariscotta, ME

Whole Foods Market

Portland Oyster Shop – Portland, ME


For more information on purchasing wholesale oysters, please contact Andrew Marshall, our Director of Sales and Marketing (617-947-8932).