Wholesale Seafood


We ship only the freshest live oysters to our customers so they can enjoy the savory sweetness for themselves.

Mook Sea Farms sells oysters in three different sizes. Our biggest oysters range from 3.5 to over 4 inches. Our next size range from 3 to 3.5 inches, and our smallest cocktail oysters fall just under three inches. All oysters are cultured the same way, utilizing the same gear, and all are available year round coming directly from the Damariscotta river.

We sell our oysters year round and have a dedicated crew that works hard ensuring the oyster on your plate is the best Maine has to offer!

Our Brands


Moondancer™ - Direct from Mook Sea Farm

Tinydancer - Direct from Mook Sea Farm

Mookiemoto- Direct from Mook Sea Farm

Mookie Blues™ - Island Creek Oysters

Wiley Point - Atlantic Aquafarms

Pemaquid Point - Atlantic Aquafarms

Wiley Petite - Atlantic Aquafarms


Marshall Cove Mussels - Isleboro Maine


Mook's Purged Steamers 

For more information on purchasing wholesale oysters, please contact Andrew Marshall, our Director of Sales and Marketing (617-947-8932).

For all inquiries on Wiley Point, Pemaquid Point and Wiley Petite Oysters, please contact Atlantic Aquafarms 207-439-6018