Rave Reviews

James from JP Shellfish was in attendance of the NH Wine Expo on April 14th. He was shucking our Wiley Point oysters to the crowds enjoying the Expo and sipping wine. Here’s what he had to say about the reactions to our incredible oysters.

“I shucked 300+ Wiley Point Petites and a few dozen Selects at the NH Wine Expo last night, and they received rave reviews from all in attendance (including myself). Of the 300+ I had to pitch maybe four which for one reason or another (dryness, off smell/color) didn’t pass muster. And I run a tight raw-bar!

If I wouldn’t eat it, I would never serve it to another. It was a pleasure to be able to shuck with confidence, and the Wiley’s allowed me to do exactly that. Shell strength, meat yields, and flavor all exceeded my expectations…Which is remarkable especially considering the time of year and the (relatively) large sample size.

Please relay my appreciation and gratitude to all Mook Sea Farm. You should all be very proud of yourselves. Thank you again.”